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Our clients love our Amish Classic College Chairs, our Amish Heritage College Chairs, and our Traditional College Chairs with colorful logos, fine finishes, and colorful upholstery that reflect their favorite school and their school colors, but we know that not everyone needs or wants logos on the chairs in their home and office.

Clearly, we would love to build our college alumni chairs of leading universities and colleges for you, and we hope that you will order chairs that represent your Alma Mater or your business.  However, we receive frequent requests for our chairs without logos.  Many individuals and institutions have contacted Alumni Chairs in order to obtain our Affinity Classic Alumni Chair without logos.  Because these chairs are so comfortable.  In the words of one observant and very enthusiastic customer…

“It is the most comfortable chair design!”

Non-logo chairs are the same chairs that we make with logos and college seals.  Also, they are NOT milled overseas and not simply assembled in the U.S. like the chairs of other companies.  Our college chairs and university chairs are actually built with care by our Amish craftsmen in Ohio!


Note:  Use this page for pricing chairs for Universities, Businesses and Nonprofits that wish to order chairs that do not involve licensing or royalty fees.

Nearly all orders by organizations (businesses and non-profits) for their internal use or for special gifts will not require royalty fees.  Therefore, this page is the best source of approximate pricing for those purchases.

Please be aware that our charges to create your logo art may involve additional costs.  Some colleges will require administrative fees in addition to royalty fees of approximately twelve percent..

Find the chair of your choice below, determine its approximate price, and call us at 866.748.2230 to discuss the details, arrange for your special logo, review our quote, and order your chair or chairs.



The Following Chairs and Benches Are Available With or Without Logos!

We can install college seals or other logos in all of our chairs!