Although nearly all of our chairs are available with hardwood seats, seventeen (17) of our chairs are available with upholstered seats or both seats and backs.  These include the following chairs:
  • Affinity Mission Rocking Chair
  • Affinity Mission Chair

  • Affinity Berlin Mission Bar Chair

  • Affinity Berlin Mission Side Chair 24 Inch Seat

  • Affinity Berlin Mission Bar Chair 30 Inch Seat

  • Affinity Berlin Mission Side Chair

  • Affinity Berlin Mission Side Chair 38 Inches Tall

  • Affinity Berlin Mission Stool 24 Inch Seat

  • Affinity Berlin Mission Stool 30 Inch Seat
  • Affinity Dundee Side Chair
  • Affinity Holmes Upholstered Side Chair

  • Affinity Laureate Chair
  • Affinity Mission Chair

  • Affinity Mission Rocking Chair

  • Affinity Navarre Side Chair

  • Affinity Wilmot Arm Chair

  • Affinity Wilmot Side Chair

All of the upholstered chairs that we create at AlumniChairs.com are made in Amish Country of Northeastern Ohio.  Our upholstery is created by small family shops in Holmes County, Ohio.  The upholstery techniques that we use depend on the individual chair model.   Some of our upholstered college chairs use a solid wood platform with foam materials topped by fabrics or leathers.  Some of our college chairs with upholstery require a seat frame to be constricted of wood and inserted into the chair.  Often the actual seat materials will be supported by webbing stretched over the chair seat or over the frame before it is inserted into the chair.  We take extreme care to ensure that your chairs are the most comfortable college chairs available.   

The outer seat covering material s are of the highest quality that we can obtain.  Clients may choose among genuine leathers, commercial fabrics, synthetic leathers, and synthetic suede fabrics.  Below are images of some of our chairs before and after assembly.  We encourage you to phone us at 866.748.2230 to learn more about your choices of upholstery. 

Our Leathers

Alumni Chairs can offer a considerable variety of fine leathers for its chairs.  Although we strive to offer leathers that will match or approximate the colors of the institutions which our chairs are intended to represent, our leather colors are only that – approximations.  Because of our limited number of leather colors, we ask our clients to make choices of the colors that most closely match their ideal.   When we determine what color most closely matches your desired color, we will provide a leather sample for your approval.

We have displayed samples of our available leathers, below.   We will do our very best to meet your expectations for leathers.  Please be aware, however, that individual leather upholstery may be discontinued by our distributors at any time.

As attractive alternatives to genuine leather, we offer a great variety of Faux Leathers, Faux Suedes, and Ultraleather® Fabrics.  These fabrics enable us to offer many more colors.  If you will submit samples of colors or color swatches,  we will do our best to find materials that will match your colors.

If you do not see the leather upholstery that you want or you are interested in an alternative to leather, please call us at 866.748.2230 and discuss your desired upholstery, college chairs with leather seats, and Amish leather office chairs.


Our Fabrics

Alumni Chairs enjoys access to myriad colors and textures of fabric through our suppliers – many more varieties than we can offer in leathers.   Therefore, it is much easier to match colors of diverse decors.  Whereas leather colors are mere approximations of individual college colors, it is much easier to closely match college colors with upholstery fabrics.  Within the fabric world, there are few, if any, direct equivalents to the PMS (Pantone™) colors as expressed by each college, university, not-for-profit, or business.   In most cases, we must search our upholstery distributors’ catalogs for matching fabrics of the desired texture, and quality.   We will do our very best to find the best fabric choices for you.

Note:  Customers who choose a particular leather or fabric upholstery should be aware that the chair is considered to be a custom chair.  We ask customers to be certain of their choices of colors and textures, and grades of upholstery materials.  Any changes to color after a college chair has been completed is costly.  Although Alumni Chairs may be able to make those changes, requests to change colors after delivery can only be satisfied at the expense of the customer, including labor, materials, shipping, and any other appropriate expenses.  Therefore, we always encourage customers to be certain of their color choices before ordering upholstery and discuss colors with us before ordering stained captain’s chairs and chair parts.

Although we provide the above color swatches (samples) the actual colors of upholstery materials can vary.   Batches of leathers and fabrics vary from one mixture to another.