Each institution and organization is represented by at least one special, protected logo or trademarked image.  We support the primary images of each entity which we represent via logo chairs.  …and only Alumni Chairs can build official, colorful college logo images within collegiate logo chairs through TrueColor Logos, our proprietary processes by which we install bright, colorful Official College Logos, college medallions, university seals, and other images that represent colleges, universities, businesses, and organizations, in true Pantone™Colors (PMS Colors).  TrueColor Logos™, engraving, and college medallions are available in our Traditional College Chairs.

In the case of The Ohio State University, we offer several unique college logos and images.  These college logos, university logos, and official seals on engraved chairs, are available on all of the college logo wooden chairs and engraved chairs that we make for Ohio State.  We encourage you to request logo chairs, university chairs, or engraved chairs representing your favorite institution, and we will consult with your institution or college regarding the viability of and permission to create college logo chairs and engraved chairs of particular interest to you.  Alumni Chairs will install official university seals and other images of your school or organization at a variety of locations on our custom college chairs with logos.  Images can include your school’s official university logos, college logos, college medallions, college football logos, and other institutional seals and logos.



In our Classic College Chairs, Alumni Chairs can build official colorful images into our college chairs through our TrueColor Logos™ processes.  Our college logos are wear-resistant and UV-resistant.  While other companies rely exclusively on quick processes like simple laser-engraving and silk-screening, we install real color into our custom chairs with logos; our process is more durable, more colorful, and more precise.  Engraving is not generally available on our Classic College Chairs, but there can be exceptions.  We can install Collegiate Medallions in some of our Classic College Chairs in custom projects.   We can also create complex, multi-color logos and full color images of photographic quality at an additional cost.




Traditional College Chair logos can be enhanced with any of several logo techniques for college logo wooden chairs and Alumni Chairs with college logos:

  • Engraving with Brilliant Gold or Bright Silver color – most popular, affordable; slightly more time-consuming process of engraving and filling with color
  • TrueColor Logos™ – most sophisticated techniques, one-time charge; time consuming; most colorful, detailed logo techniques
  • Collegiate Medallions – for special orders, we insert collegiate medallions and other medals which are normally provided by clients





Our Miniature College Chairs require miniature college logos.  Makes sense, right?   We have two logo techniques for our miniature chairs with logos.

  • TrueColor Logos™ – a more sophisticated technique with a one-time charge; time consuming; colorful logo technique
  • Miniature Logos – exact replica logos; economical; can be monochrome, multi-color, or metallic gold or silver in great detail.

Because our Miniature College Chairs are four, five, or six inches in height, they are quite labor intensive and not inexpensive.  The majority of the cost of these small, replica chairs is due to the painstaking, manual finishing effort including (1) the installation of logos 9mm-14mm in height and (2) painting minute features with brush by hand.

Due to their very small dimensions, some highly detailed logos and images may be more challenging.  We will advise you of the feasibility of your particular college logo, chair logos, college logos, university logos, university seals, college medallions, college football logos, or other image.




Alumni Chairs can build official colorful images into our custom logo chairs through our TrueColor Logos™ processes.  These images are wear-resistant and UV-resistant.  While other companies rely solely on quick and simple processes to apply their logos, we can install real color into our custom college chairs.   Our process is more durable, more colorful, and more precise.  Engraving is available only in our Traditional College Chairs.  Our engraved chairs are popular, but our other logo techniques are requested more frequently doe to he greater resolution and availability of colors in our TrueColor Logos™ and our  miniature logos.   For special orders, we can insert Collegiate Medallions in your chairs.   Please phone us at 866.748.2230 to discuss college medallions, engraved chairs, and other logog techniques. and other medallions.


Ohio State logos on front and rear of an OSU chair


This pricing of college logos pertains to standard logos that we have already prepared for installation in our college chairs with logos.  Clients who request new or custom logo chairs with college seals or collegiate logos will encounter a different set of costs.  Each client may have a well-established logo, but we need to make it workable for installation into our logo chairs.  Some collegiate logos are suitable for installation with certain finishes while others are incompatible (small features and fine lines may be difficult to engrave).   Compatibility can depend on the color(s) of backgrounds and logo margins.  When we implement logo art for an institution that promises future, multiple chairs, the cost of art implementation may be justified.  Special art for a college logo on a single chair is often expensive and sometimes prohibitive.  University trademark offices disallow certain college logos, colors, and colors of text on finishes of certain colors.  Alumni Chairs encourages institutions to discuss collegiate logos, university logos, and engraced chairs carefully with us in order to manage expectations and ensure satisfaction.


Custom logo chairs and benches with multiple college seals


The cost of implementing new logo art will be determined by the following:

  • The institution or college that the logo chair will represent
  • Product line: Traditional or Classic
  • Logo technique: Our colorful, proprietary TrueColor Logos™ techniques, engraving, photographic images, inserted metallic collegiate medallion
  • Number of colors to display in the logo art
  • Degree of fine detail in the college logo(s)
  • Whether the particular colors or specific effects are possible to duplicate

Each client’s ability to fund the installation of the new, logo may be critical.  The client may have a well-established logos or college seal, but we need to make them workable for installation in our chairs.  The cost of implementing a color logo can be a one-time charge ranging from $100 to $600.  Not all logos are suitable for installation on certain finishes;  colors, woods, and finishes may not be compatible.  Compatibility can depend on the color(s) of backgrounds and logo margins.  When we implement art for an institution that promises future logo chairs, the cost of art may be justified. Special art for a single chair can sometimes be expensive and sometimes prohibitive.  For “one-off” chairs, engraving and our TrueColor Logos™  are often the most economical choice.

Some university trademark offices will disallow certain logos, colors, and colors of text on finishes of certain colors; institutions can be very particular.  The trend among many colleges and universities is to reserve institutional seals for internal, institutional communications.  Increasingly, college seals and university seals are being withheld from commercial products.

Also, if your family members have attended multiple colleges or rival universities, you can, now, have a College Chair, Rocking Chair, or Deacon’s Bench with No Logo in order to make everyone happy, keep the peace, and offend no one!

Of course, we are also able to install multiple college logos in a single chair in order to make them even happier!   …depending on permissions of the pertinent institutions and available space on the chair or bench, itself.


Green and White collegiate logo on custom Dartmouth logo chairs

Note: Alumni Chairs is not in the business of creating logo art or obtaining art from each institution.  We request that you submit your final art to us.  We will install your college logos as presented to us, but we need production-ready art.  Although many clients have deferred all responsibility to us, our clients really should be involved in obtaining permission and obtaining art.   We can request art from your institution, but we will rely on our clients’ active involvement.

In order to perform engraving, we need black & white (monochrome) art in each of two formats:  (a) EPS and (b) JPG (or JPEG).

For TrueColor Logos and Miniature Logos, we request Pantone™ (PMS) colors.  We will evaluate your original art regarding suitability for your preferred logo technique.  Because engraving has limitations pertaining to small, fine lines and other small components, we will inspect closely and advise regarding the feasibility of your particular art.

Please do not ask us to create your original college logos.   If you would need a logo to be created, we can make some recommendations to help you do so. We want to ensure the very best images in your chairs.

We have recently re-drawn university seals that are no longer current, on behalf of clients who graduated long ago from institutions that have, since, replaced the old university seal.   We have hired artists to re-create the old seals from photos of the old, defunct seals with great success.  However, we charged for our time and that of our artist.   This type of artwork is not our prime business, but we will do our best to serve our clients.

We ask you to understand that a conversation is the best means by which we can determine how we can best serve you.   To learn more about TrueColor Logos, logo chairs, chair logos, college logos, university logos, college medallions, and college football logos, please phone Alumni Chairs at 866.748.2230.   For more information, return to our Home page.