There is no better way to honor a recent graduate, a proud alumna or alumnus, a retiring faculty member, or a dedicated employee or board member.

Instead of the high-volume, factory-made college chairs parts of which are milled overseas, consider our Amish captains chair of solid maple and solid cherry wood….Amish-made and finished in our small Amish shops Northeastern Ohio.

Our Traditional Captains Chair is the most skillfully constructed university chair available.  Please compare carefully the structure of this wooden captains chair with arms versus other chairs that you may find on the market.  The structure of the legs and stretchers (cross members between legs) is optimized for strength, durability, and many years of beauty and service.  With the addition of custom brass plates on the rear of your  chair, you can enjoy a personalized Captains Chair.  This wooden captains chair makes perfect gifts for medical students and perfect gifts for medical residents.

Our Traditional Captains Chair with arms and crown of solid cherry is unique in the industry.  The natural grain of cherry is far more attractive than chairs that have maple arms stained to merely look like cherry.  Finishes include Black Lacquer or any of the many Ohio Certified Stains.  Finishes are available along with choices of Gold Hand-striping, Silver Hand-striping, or No Hand-striping.  These chairs are absolutely superior in design, structure, and finish to any Captains Chair with arms that you will find in college bookstores.   Our Amish captain’s chair compares favorably to maple used in the Hitchcock college chair and every other captain’s chair on the market.

Unless you request otherwise, your ATCC university chairs are produced without a logo or college seal.  However, if you would like for your captains chair to represent your college or university, we can install the desired image at an additional charge, providing we gain permission of your institution to be represented by your chair.

All brilliant gold or bright silver hand-striping highlights are carefully painted by hand to match the colors of the logos. Clients who prefer logos in official school colors can request logos installed by our TrueColor Logos process.





This is the highest quality wooden Captains Chair available.  It may be a bit more expensive, but it is well constructed, it is beautifully finished, and it will last for generations.   These are fine gifts for medical students and gifts for medical residents

  •   No inexpensive laminated woods; all solid woods.
  •   No automated painting; all hand painted.
  •   Perfect colors matching official, Pantone™ colors
  •   Great attention to detail
  •   Made in America, entirely

Our Traditional College Chairs are all made of solid maple and solid cherry.  Traditional Captain’s Chairs are most often ordered in our elegant Black Lacquer finish, but they may be ordered in part or entirely in other popular, attractive stains.

Black Lacquer finish on a wooden captains chair

The standard finish for the ATCC Chair is Black Lacquer on brown maple with cherry arms and crown.

For the the honoree who deserves something special, elegant, and unique, we offer several custom stains:


OCS 228 (Rich Tobacco) Stain


Mission Maple Stain on wooden captains chair

OCS 225 (Mission Maple) stain on brown maple


Sample finish OCS 225 Mission Maple on Cherry wooden captains chair , a gift for medical residents

OCS 225 (Mission Maple) stain on cherry


Seely Stain on Cherry wooden captains chair, a gift for medical residentsuniversity chairsOCS 104 (Seely) stain


OCS 106 (Acres) on Cherry a gift for medical residents

OCS 106 (Acres) stain


Washington Cherry Stain, a gift for medical students

OCS 107 (Washington) stain on cherry


Asbury Stain Finish gift for medical students    OCS 117 (Asbury) stain


Maple wood for gifts for medical students

OCS 100 (Natural) stain



 Note: Customers who choose Arms, Crown, Arms & Crown, or an Entire Chair in any of these stains should be aware that the chair is considered to be a custom chair.  We ask customers to be certain of their color choices.  Any changes to color after a college chair has been completed is costly.  Although Alumni Chairs may be able to make those changes, requests to change colors after delivery can only be satisfied at the expense of the customer, including labor, materials, shipping, and any other appropriate expenses.  Therefore, we always encourage customers to be certain of their color choices before ordering and discuss colors with us before ordering stained captain’s chairs and chair parts.

Although we provide the above color swatches (samples) the actual colors of stains can vary greatly.  Stains vary from one mixture to another.  Also, individual pieces of wood can absorb and display stains differently.   The beauty of our captain’s chairs with cherry arms and crowns is that our arms and crowns are made of solid cherry.

This chair normally requires 3-6 weeks for completion, depending on features requested.

Alumni Chairs’ competitors do not finish their entire chairs.  They leave the underside of their chairs raw, rough, and unfinished.  Unlike other companies, Alumni Chairs, is committed to finish ALL surfaces of its captain’s chairs.  We create a beautiful finish under or chairs including under the seat and the arms.  Simply turn over our chairs and see the difference…and our brass company plates and personal signature.  Every chair is signed!


Silver Missouri Baptist Logo on wooden captains chair


To learn more about our Amish Chairs, Wooden Captains Chairs, Employee Recognition Chairs, University Chairs, Donor Appreciation Gifts, Gifts for Medical Residents, Engraved Benches, Gifts for Medical Students, College Seal Chairs, please call us at 866.748.2230.

Captain's Chair on oriental carpet, wooden captains chair


Official Seal of The Ohio State University for gifts for medical students

Mission Maple Stain

Black Captain's Chair with cherry arms and crown for wooden captains chairs as gifts for medical students
Upper half of black Chowan University chair; college chairs
Black Drexel University Chair in a home, a gift for medical students
Chapman University Chair with gold Seal on the cherry crown, a gift for medical students
Black Dickinson Law Chair with Medallion installed in the crown; wooden captains chair
Dickinson Law Chair with the Dickinson Medallion installed in the crown;  donor appreciation gift
Cherry Spring Hill College Chair with logo; university chair
Black West Chester University Chair with solid cherry crown for wooden captains chairs as gifts for medical residents

Arms & Crown in Seely Stain (OCS 104)


Black Boonshoft Medical School Chair with black logo engraved in the crown, wooden captains chair as gifts for medical students

Washington Cherry Stain (OCS 107) Most Popular Cherry Stain

Black Bridgewater College Captain's Chair with dark cherry arms

Arms in Washington Cherry Stain (OCS 107)

“There is no captain’s chair better constructed than this Amish chair”


Black University Chair with no logo, college chairs
Black university chair for Ohio State with Red Block "O" logo, a gift for medical residents
Black Mount Holyoke wooden captains chair with gold seal of
Top half of a black Dartmouth College Chair with gold crest; wooden college chair



Shiny brass plate and signature under the seats of all of Alumni Chairs' college chairs

All Alumni Chairs are Identified and Signed.



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