six of the chairs in Alumni Chairs' Four Lines of Collegiate Chairs


Affinity Classic College Chairs


Good Looks, Comfort, Solid Amish Construction


Alumni Chairs builds four styles of college chairs Amish college chairs in Ohio.  We work in Amish Country because of the unique and inspiring Amish work ethic and craftsmanship.  Our builders include both traditional Amish families and families that have embraced technology to a higher degree.  Several of our craftsmen ride bicycles to work and their families are transported by walking or driving horse and buggy.  Amish builders are very conscious of the need and benefits of recycling and environmentally sensitive business practices, and they often heat their workshops with wood scraps and sawdust.

Amish builders are committed to producing the very best Amish college chairs imaginable. Everyone who is even slightly familiar with furniture is aware of the capability, quality, ability and legacy of Amish craftsmen in Ohio.  Why settle for the standard chairs made in factories and sold in college bookstores?   Members of the furniture and woodworking industries are unanimous in their praise of Amish woodworking, craftsmanship, and work ethic.  That’s why Alumni Chairs relies on our Amish Craftsmen to build our unique Classic College Chairs.


Pricing of Classic College Chairs



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Affinity Traditional College Chairs


Built to Last by Our Traditional Amish Craftsmen


Alumni Chairs builds its Traditional College Chairs in Columbiana County, located in northeastern Ohio a few country miles from Pennsylvania.  We work with Traditional Amish Craftsmen because of their fine woodworking, finishing, and service.   Our Amish Craftsmen are committed to sturdy construction and perfect finishing.  We do not use laminated woods or plywoods as do our competitors. Each seat is made of solid Ohio maple.

Production of furniture has long been a principal industry in northeastern Ohio near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, where the materials and, most importantly, the woodworking talent and traditions reside.  Consumers who are familiar with the furniture industry are fully aware of the fine furniture of traditional Amish craftsmen of Amish communities of northeastern Ohio. That is why Alumni Chairs relies on our Traditional Amish Craftsmen to build our four lines of collegiate chairs.  Other personalized college chairs may appear similar to some of our chairs, but they are not the same.  Alumni Chairs’ Traditional College Chairs are unique in the market.  For Traditional College Chair Price information.


Pricing of Traditional College Chairs


28 standard chairs of Alumni Chairs of the Four Lines of Collegiate Chairs

Affinity Heritage College Chairs

 New, Innovative College Chairs made by Our Amish Craftsmen

Our Heritage line of collegiate chairs, like our Classic College Chairs, are constructed and finished in Northeastern Ohio by our Amish craftsmen – men and women.  Heritage chairs are built with the same inspiring Amish work ethic and craftsmanship.  Our builders operate small shops of 1-10 craftsmen.  Find our Heritage Chairs, Benches, and Stools by using the menu on our Affinity Heritage Chairs page.   For  Heritage College Chair Price information.

Pricing of Heritage College Chairs




Affinity Miniature College Chairs

Exact Replicas for Awards & Donor Relations

We make Miniature Chairs for university advancement, development, alumni offices, and human resources.  Universities engage us in search of college miniature chairs as gifts to honor principal donors.  Because they may know donors and prospective donors whose contributions may not justify the expense of a full-size chair or the donors may prefer less expensive gifts, these offices have decided to present to donors small replica chairs that can be displayed on desks and shelves in homes and offices.

Our Miniature Chairs are popular with medical centers, universities, and other nonprofits for the purpose of rewarding and creating incentives for Principal Donors to these organizations.  These tiny chairs are perfect for businesses, too.  Our Miniature Chairs are excellent gifts and awards for retirees and other persons of distinction. 

Also, many institutional donors prefer to receive a small replica chair rather than a full-size chair at the relatively higher expense to the organization which they support.  Principal Donors often prefer that their favorite charity conserve donor funds and avoid premium items such as full-size chairs, preferring that their charity be a conservative steward of their funds.

We offer exact models of our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair and our Affinity Classic Alumni Chair in 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch miniatures (below).  Currently we offer standard chairs in black lacquer and an elegant, new material that appears as frosted glass (at additional cost).  Other sizes and other attractive materials and finishes are available.  We offer elegant bases in brown maple wood or cherry wood in dimensions of 5.25″, 6″, and 6.5″ square.   Custom bases are also available in marble and granite with sophisticated metal nameplates.  We can make these plaques, or you can rely on your favorite, local trophy vendor.

We make all of our Miniature Chairs and bases in Montrose, Colorado.  For Miniature College Chair Price information.


Pricing of Miniature College Chairs