Made Only in America


All Made Right Here in the USA



Alumni Chairs are made Only in the United States, made Only by Americans, and made from American Woods, Exclusively.

Every manufacturing company must make decisions that ultimately affect the price of their products.  Labor costs overseas can be a fraction of the corresponding costs in the U.S.  Woods and other materials can also be acquired overseas at great savings.  Some chair companies manufacture their parts overseas.  Others have compromised by shipping American maple to Asia, milling their chair components overseas to reduce production costs, and assembling their college chairs within the United States,  They claim that their chairs are  “Made in the USA”.

The largest college chair company builds its chairs from a wood that they call “Malaysian Oak”.  It is NOT oak.  It is wood of the Hevea species which is otherwise known as rubberwood,  plantation hardwood, or parawood.  The Malaysian Ministry of Primary Industries promotes old, unproductive rubberwood timber under the contrived name of  “Malaysian Oak”.

Overseas-based chair companies, therefore sell low-cost chairs and chair parts and compete with our American Alumni Chairs on price alone.

We advise potential buyers of college chairs to be aware and carefully compare the nature and structure of chairs that they are considering.


Affinity Classics Has No Interest in Shortcuts 


Our woods come directly from hardwood forests and sawmills of Northeastern Ohio.  We are proud to build and sell college chairs and university chairs that are made in the United States, entirely, and the design, quality, comfort, and durability that we deliver are superior.  Our college chairs are made In America!

Some college chair companies…have milling operations overseas…making chairs and chair parts overseas to produce low-cost chairs and complete on price, alone.

Clients of Affinity Classics appreciate the superior quality of our woods, construction, upholstery, artwork, and finish.  Our recognition chairs and college furniture are built with time-honored techniques by family businesses in northeastern Ohio.  Anyone who knows furniture is familiar with the quality of Amish furniture made in Ohio, and our modern furniture exemplifies the fine tradition of Amish craftsmanship.  

More specifically, our Amish Craftsmen in Ohio use wood that has been dried to six percent (6%) moisture content.  Foreign manufacturers are not always so careful; many use green wood that invites eventual, structural problems.  Our craftsmen begin with very close tolerances in our joinery.  Premium glues are used and joints are pounded together with mallets and, where practical, reinforced by integral dowels and internal screws.  What we deliver to you is “bullet-proof” joinery and solid furniture that is unique to Amish craftsmen – the primary reason that our furniture is Made in America.





When you buy college chairs made in America, you are directly or indirectly, hiring Americans.  You create or sustain American jobs that represent the foundation of the U.S. economy.   When you buy college chairs made in America, you are directly or indirectly, hiring Americans.  You create or sustain American jobs that represent the foundation of the U.S. economy.  As American customers purchase furniture made domestically, they help to reverse the trend of de-industrialization that has cost 5.5 million jobs in the United States during the past decade.


Many furniture industries outside the United States are less well regulated for safety and environmental impact whereas American furniture producers must operate in compliance with rigorous state and federal labor, safety, and environmental standards.  Furniture products that originate overseas are associated with intensive trans-oceanic transportation, fossil fuels consumption, and, poorly managed forestry industries.  Overseas production requires large amounts of petroleum and results in considerable vehicle emissions.  Our chairs are produced in environments that are less transportation-intensive, more sustainable, and more carefully managed.  Our Amish chair builders are very careful to properly recycle all waste materials. Also, scrap wood is used to heat our workshops.


Popular furniture-exporting countries fail to ensure high standards of working conditions.  By purchasing American furniture, buyers can be confident that workers enjoy satisfactory working conditions.


The purchase of college chairs made in America supports the wages of American workers  which include employees of wood producers, producers of other materials, builders, finishers, seating producers, and supportive industries.  When purchasing from a company that produces all components and performs all assembly within in the United States, buyers can be confident that the resulting revenues stay in the United States.  As a result of these revenues remaining in the U.S. economy, other products are purchased, more products are created, additional jobs are produced, and, as a result, more workers pay income taxes.  In addition to the essential benefits of increased employment and improved economic activity in the United States, the most obvious benefits of college chairs made in America are outstanding beauty, quality, comfort, and durability.