Alumni Chairs LLC is the builder of fine, hardwood, college chairs and alumni furniture on behalf of individuals, families, affinity groups, academic institutions, medical centers, other non-profit organizations, and businesses.

Our offices are located on the Western Slope of Colorado in the City of Montrose.   We build our chairs in Colorado and in Ohio where certain communities are experienced in and committed to furniture craftsmanship.  Our shops are located in the Amish communities of Holmes County, Columbiana County, Wayne County, and Coshocton,County, Ohio.   Many of our chairs are built in Berlin, Ohio in the heart of Holmes County, located in one of the largest Amish communities in the United States.  These areas boast the most outstanding wood-working heritage in America.

We of Alumni Chairs have many years of love for and experience in the furniture industry.  Our founders enjoy many years working and teaching in academic environments and hold advanced degrees at The Ohio State University and the University of Denver.

We look forward to pleasing our customers who are faithful alumni and current members of leading institutions throughout the United States and Canada.  In all of college chair history, no other company has provided Amish-made chairs or such an array of different college chairs.

Welcome to our website!  We hope that you will learn about our chairs and contact us with any and all questions.

Montrose County, Colorado

Columbiana County, Ohio

Holmes County, Ohio

Wayne County, Ohio

Coshocton County, Ohio

Why Alumni Chairs?


Amish Craftsmanship + Better Woods + Better Construction + Better Finishes


Better Chairs!



Choose From 25 Models of College Chairs


Before Alumni Chairs entered the college chair market, only one style of college chair or alumni chair was available, regardless of the variety of styles of the homes and offices of our customers.  A single style of chair cannot possibly satisfy the needs and tastes of all alumni of hundreds of four-year colleges.  Therefore, we offer twenty-five models of college chairs, benches, and stools and hundreds of variations.  By offering 25 chairs, we have something for everyone – great wooden college chairs for alumni as well as the best chairs for college students.

Alumni Chairs has always believed that Alumni and Friends of Colleges and Universities seek choices.  Our Classic College Chairs which are made by Amish Craftsmen are eventual heirlooms, because they are designed and constructed to last for generations. The joinery is engineered in order to ensure that the chairs will last and remain beautiful for many years.

Be aware that certain institutions may not offer all of our chair models of chairs.  Some institutions may offer our great wooden Captains Chair, and others may wish to offer several styles of our college chairs.

…or talk to us about a new design


We are always available to build special alumni furniture and college logo chairs for our collegiate clients.  You can enjoy a distinctive Alumni Chair that is unique in design, wood, finish, logo image (or none), upholstery of fabric or leather, size, and dimensions.   Our Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) enable us to match your custom furniture to other furniture of similar or identical stains.   You may customize your college chairs, logo chairs, barrister chairs, jury chair, waiting room furniture, waiting room chairs, office guest chairs, office waiting chairs, waiting room benches, and library chairs.   …or we can design and build a new chair for you.  We can help architects and facilities managers furnish special rooms and entire buildings with custom chairs of their design.   Please contact us to discuss your interest in custom chairs by calling 866.748.2230.