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There are approximately 2,400 four-year colleges and universities in the United States, and, although it is not possible for us to have  a relationship with all of those institutions, we can build chairs that represent many of them.  Whatever institution you want your chair to represent, we can very likely help you.

In nearly every case, we will contact your Alma Mater and discuss how we can make your chair and gain permission to use the school’s logo or official seal to embellish your chair.   Many of the chairs that we build for clients, represent colleges and universities with which we have not previously worked.  So, if you want a chair that represents your college or university, please phone us at 866.748.2230 and discuss how we can serve you.  We are ready and eager to contact your college and gain permission to make an elegant chair that represents your school.

An essential part of the process, after gaining permission, is negotiating the logo or seal to be installed on your chair.  Although most clients seek the official seal of their college, most colleges are reluctant to grant access to their seal.   Large institutions are the most adamant while smaller colleges are much more accommodating.   We will determine which logos/seals your college will permit, and we will present these choices to you.

Our next step is to submit a formal quote to you, and, upon your approval and/or request for changes, we will follow up with an invoice which you can pay via check or credit card.

So, let’s talk!   For more information about chairs for your college or university, email us at or call 866.748.2230.


Note:   Some of the prices that appear for colleges under the “Institutions” tab (above) include Royalty Fees and Administrative Fees which raise the price of each chair for the end user.  However, not every institution requires these additional fees.  Most non-profits and many colleges and universities also waive these fees.  In order to determine appropriate pricing for chairs that will be used internally by or will be presented by your institution with no applicable royalty fees or administrative fees, we recommend that you refer to a particular page (please see below) on this website.  Chairs exempt from fees may be found in the following situations:
  • Awards for Achievements
  • Gifts for Endowed Chairs and Academic Chairs
  • Employee Appreciation Programs considering years of service
  • Gifts to Principal Donors or Board Members
  • Mementos for Visiting Dignitaries
  • Other Presentations that are exempt from royalties and administrative fees
If there will be no licensed logos or no royalties or fees associated with the purchase of our chairs, please go to “Most Institutions & Prices” to find approximate pricing.  Clearly, you may seek an institutional logo, but this page will provide prices that exclude substantial royalty and administrative fees.  The logo that you would install in your chairs would likely require a charge for its preparation and installation.
If royalty fees or administrative fees will be charged, please go to a page of another institution with a typical twelve percent (12%) royalty and a broad array of chairs (perhaps that of Ohio State, Dartmouth, or West Point), and find an approximate pricing there.  When you speak with us, we can confirm pricing for your chairs.

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