Affinity Childs Rocking Chair (ACRC)

Young girl in brown  Childrens rocking chair
young girl in childs wooden rocking chair


We received the…Child’s Rocking Chair and my four-year-old daughter absolutely loves it.  It is beautiful, and it is so well made.  We look forward to enjoying it for many years to come and keeping it in our family for future generations to enjoy as well.  Thank you!


This is a beautifully constructed little chair.  It is sturdy; there is no more solid little rocking chair for children.  It is Amish Made in Ohio.
A significant, loving gift to a child, which will make a lasting impression.  Children love their very own, special college chair, unaware that it can remain in their family for generations.

The Affinity Child Rocking Chair (ACRC) is the best, little rocking chair made.  You can be assured that it will serve your kids and theirs, as well.  The maple ACRC is available in either light, natural maple or dark brown stain.  Amish-made in Ohio and built to last for generations.


The standard wood and stain for the AMRC chair is brown maple with OCS 117 (Asbury) stain.


Sample Natural Maple Stain (OCS100) for Childrens rocking chair

As an option, we make this alumni chair of  hard maple with OCS 100 (Natural) stain.

One young lady, age 4, upon receiving her new rocking chair, refused to leave her little alumni chair all day and evening until bedtime, insisting on enjoying dinner in her new and very own Rocking Chair.  Since the young lady outgrew her chair, her mother has given the chair to a close friend who has, in turn, presented the chair to her, the friend’s, young daughter.  It’s rewarding to see our chairs passed from family to family and from generation to generation.  Perfect for most children, ages 2-7.

The ACRC chair stands 25.5 inches tall, 14.5 inches wide, and 27.75 inches deep.  This solid, little chair weighs 18 pounds.

As a bonus, there is no better way to start your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild off early in life with knowledge and even love of your Alma Mater!   You may find other child’s rocking chairs on the market, but there is no other recognition chair like this chair.

This childs wooden rocking chair requires 8 weeks for completion.

For information about Childrens Rocking Chairs or Childs Wooden Rocking Chairs – all Made in America – please call us at 866.748.2230.


Pricing of our Affinity Child Rocking Chair (ACRC)