black miniature college chair on brown maple base for Carnegie Mellon University as gifts for board members


“The chairs are beloved!  They are unique, perfect for our donors’ desk or book shelf, and definitely a conversation starter.”


Black mininature chairs in formnt of books - chairs as donor awards
black miniature  for donor award
wooden base for miniature college chair as retirement gift for employee
a black mininature chair on a brown maple base makes a fine gifts for board members
miniature chairs as retirement gifts for employees
Four miniature chairs as retirement gifts for employees and gifts for board members
single mininature chair on best as a donor award
black classic alumni chair on brown base with barss plate

Baptist Health Miniature Chair ATCC L on walnut


Tiny Chairs for Universities, Big Business, and Productive Philanthropy.  Sometimes Less Is More.   Amish Made in Ohio!

Alumni Chairs works closely with Business, Development, Fundraising, and Philanthropy Professionals to provide special Miniature College Chairs that are a great way to honor special individuals and reward loyalty.  We build full-size, custom chairs to be presented to donors of major gifts and gifts for board members.  For our clients who purchase our full size unoversity chairs, we also make Miniature Chairs that replicate their full-size college chairs.

We build Miniature College Chairs as Donor Appreciation Gifts for donors who prefer Smaller but Equally Elegant Chairs that are also more economical.  Not every benefactor, client, retiree, or board member will want a large college chair.  Some individuals will prefer something that fits on an office desk or shelf in the home.   Many donors prefer smaller gifts because they want their favorite organization or charity to be careful stewards of their essential funds.

If your development department, advancement department, stewardship personnel, or your business seek unique gift with which to reward donors, persuade major contributors to donate, or compliment a customer, we will work with you to design attractive chairs that only your organization can provide.  Miniature College Chairs are an excellent means of honoring principal donors and donors who are mindful of careful stewardship and likely to decline a gift of higher cost.  Also, employees and alumni of your business will appreciate a memento of your company or nonprofit organiation.

We produce miniature college chairs for university advancement, development, and alumni offices.  Some universities have approached us in search of miniature college chairs to facilitate fundraising recognition and stewardship.  Businesses have requested our Mini Chairs for the purpose of fostering loyalty and as retirement gifts for employees.  Because they may know donors and prospective donors whose contributions may not justify the expense of a full-size university chair or the donors may prefer less valuable gifts, these offices have decided to make available small replica college chairs that can be displayed on desks and shelves in homes and offices.  Also, some individuals of high net worth may not wish to receive full-size alumni chair or they may prefer that their favorite charity conserve donor dollars and avoid premium items such as full-size college chairs, preferring that their charity be a conservative steward of donor funds.




We build Two Models of Miniature Chairs with Attractive Bases:   exact replicas of our  Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC-M, above, left) and our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC-M, above, right) each in three heights:  four-inches, five-inches, and six-inches – mini-chairs complete with colorful, exact-replica logos.   Currently we offer both models in an elegant black lacquer finish.  Other attractive materials and finishes are available, at additional cost.

Our most popular Miniature Chair Base is made of Brown Maple and stained with a dark brown stain.  We offer elegant bases in other wood species (Cherry is popular.) and in stone.  We have recently created miniature-chair bases of New Hampshire Granite for Women of Dartmouth, in Hanover, New Hampshire and White Marble Bases for the Boston University Questrom School of Business and the Boston University School of Law.

Our Miniature College Chairs and Miniature Chair Bases are all made at our Headquarters in Montrose, Colorado.

For more information about miniature chairs and bases for Retirement Gifts for Employees, Gifts for Board members, Donor Appreciation Gifts, Donor Awards, Donor Award Gifts, and Stewardship in general, please phone us at 866.748.2248.


“For our new endowed chair donors, we are presenting them with a miniature chair to recognize their transformational generosity”


ACAC-M U of Arizona five and two wood bases 1200 x 900



We will design custom miniature chairs according to your needs, and costs will vary with size, chair material, pedestal material, finish, complexity, and the client’s desired delivery time frame.  As is the case of our full-size chairs, our miniature chairs are Made in The United States.

Because Miniature College Chairs are four, five, or six inches in height, they are difficult to make and finish.  In truth, they are labor intensive and not inexpensive.  The majority of the cost is due to the painstaking, manual finishing effort including (1) the installation of Miniature Chair Logos 9-14mm in height and (2) painting tiny hand stripes with brush by hand.  Before logo installation and hand-striping, Mini-Chairs are finished with the same lacquering process as our full-size chairs.

We offer a choice of chairs attached to the base or unattached from the base – loose to be picked up and admired by the recipient.  Unattached chairs are our most popular, but some institutions prefer the chair attached to the base with adhesive for one, solid unit. If you do not specify, our default option is unattached.   We encourage you to phone us at 866.748.2230 to discuss the option of attachment to the base.




All of our Miniature Chairs – as our full-size chairs – are made in the United States.  All of our logo art is created in the United States.  We obtain many granites and marbles from the U.S.  Some exotic granites may be sourced overseas.

Note:   We ask clients to plan in advance of special events and allow adequate time for us to produce these miniature chairs.  The finishing process for the chairs, alone, involves 14 arduous steps to create a perfect miniature logo (or institutional seal) and a perfect finish.  To create one chair, we ask clients to allow 4-5 weeks for the production process.  An order of multiple chairs would add approximately one week per chair to that estimate.  Therefore, for an institution ordering 10 chairs with 10 wooden bases, a client should allow 4-5 weeks plus 9 weeks or a total of 13-14 weeks for the entire order.  However, we can make progress shipments as we finish chairs; so, we can ship the first chairs of a large order as the chairs become available for shipping.  Please phone us to discuss production and delivery estimates at 866.748.2230.

For more information about miniature chairs and bases for Retirement Gifts for Employees, Donor Appreciation Gifts, Donor Awards, Donor Award Gifts, and Stewardship in general, please phone us at 866.748.2248.



Pricing & Reviews of Our Miniature College Chairs



Large table setting at a special event with two miniature captain's chairs on table






Black Miniature 6-inch-tall Carmegie Mellon captain's Chair  on brown base


Miniature Chair Bases – Wood and Stone


Miniature Chair Bases can be made from various wood species and with a multitude of wood stains and finishes.   Bases can also be cut from an infinite variety of stone, either synthetic or natural.  Each base provides 2mm-deep foot wells for the chair legs in order that the chair will not slip from the base, but the chair may be freely lifted from the base to be admired.  Our standard cuts of wood and stone include a square footprint and a beveled top edge.  Base dimensions are 5.25″, 6″, and 6.5″ square depending on chair height.  Wood bases are normally 3/4″ – 7/8″ thick.  Stone bases may vary in thickness from 3/4″ to 1.5″ according to the stone that is available.  Stone bases weigh between 3.5 pounds and 4.5 pounds each and make a very impressive statement.  Natural stone and wood will vary in color.  Synthetic stone is the only means by which color can be controlled and a degree of color uniformity can be achieved.

There is ample space at the front of each base for a Personalized Nameplate to be added by our shop or by your choice of a local vendor.

Our wooden bases are finished with a satin-gloss topcoat, and four square felt protective pads are applied under the base.

We obtain many granites and marbles from the U.S.A.  Some exotic granites may be sourced overseas.

For more information about miniature chairs and bases for Donor Appreciation Gifts, Donor Awards, Stewardship, Donor Award Gifts, or Retirement Gifts for Employees, please phone us at 866.748.2248.