client holding black miniature college chair as a gift for a donor


Our institutional clients have found our miniature college chairs to prove very helpful for stewardship.   Our miniature university chairs are perfect gifts for donors, gifts for faculty, gifts for board members, donor appreciation gifts, and gifts for other distinguished individuals.

Also, our miniature university chairs can be perfect gifts for donors, gifts for retiring employees, gifts for faculty, and thank you gifts for major donors.   They are also excellent gifts to medical residents, awards to employees, and mementos for retirees, vistors, and other honorees.  Provide these miniature university chairs as very special mementos at presentations and special events.  Each institution’s logo in exact miniature replica, will remind the recipient of the organization and their memorable, positive experiences for many years.


“Our clients absolutely loved the miniature chairs.  They were beautiful!”


We create Miniature College Chairs in two styles:

  • ACAC-M (Affinity Classic Alumni Chair – Miniature) and
  • ATCC-M (Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair – Miniature)

…in three sizes: 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch tall …with a base in Maple, Cherry, Marble, or Granite.  These mininature chairs are excellent, elegant gifts for awards and incentives…for employees, customers, and principal donors.  Some distinguished individuals may have plenty of full-size chairs and might prefer an elegant miniature chair on a desk or shelf rather than a large wooden captains chair.  Take a closer look at our our mininature college chairs!

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Please Remember:  Go to Miniature College Chair Logos to learn more about and price the Miniature Logo which you want us to install in your Miniature College Chair or Miniature Alumni Chair.

Note:  Our Miniature University Chairs are Made Only in The USA!

We hope that you will find a chair of your choice for gifts for donors, gifts for retiring employees, gifts for faculty, and thank you gifts for major donors, below and call us at 866.748.2230 to discuss the options available, logo art, personalized brass plates, pricing, delivery times, and any questions that you may have.





Nearly all of Alumni Chairs’ miniature chairs are shipped with wooden or stone bases.   Traditionally, we present miniature chairs detached, free from the bases.  Some clients prefer that their miniature chairs be attached (glued) to the bases.

Considerations of attaching chairs to bases before shipping:

  • Some clients prefer a single unit with a chair that will not be separated and possibly lost.
  • Some clients do not want to receive the separate pieces and, then, glue the chairs to bases at their offices; it is a tedious and risky task, being easy to damage the base with errant glue.
  • Clients may prefer chairs that can be presented immediately after receipt without any special preparation of the chairs.
  • If one drops a miniature chair that has been attached to the base, it is very likely that the chair will break.
  • If a visitor who is unfamiliar with the miniature chair would pick up both the chair and base by grasping only the chair, there would be risk that the bond of the chair to the base could fail, and the base might separate from the chair, fall, and become damaged.
  • Alumni Chairs will request $25 for each attached chair in consideration of the labor and risk of damage while gluing the chair, risk of the chair separating from the base in transit, and the additional costs of packing materials and freight.

Considerations of shipping chairs.that are detached from the bases

  • It is more efficient and less costly to package chairs and bases separately – smaller shipping cartons and less expensive FedEx charges.
  • A light, detached chair on a desk or shelf can be picked up and admired without also picking up the heavier base and risking the faiure of the bond to the base.
  • If someone would drop the chair, the loose chair would likely bounce, sustaining no damage.
  • A dropped base would most likely sustain a bent corner(s) or a scratch, whereas a damaged, detached base can be replaced.
  • By ordering detached chairas, one can avoid extra, attachment charges,

Please phone Alumni Chairs at 866.748.2230 with any questions.





Choose an Ohio Certified Stain for your Miniature Bases, that match your other Amish furniture.