We will help you design personalized brass plaques (brass nameplates) that can be attached to the following:

Full-size College Chairs

We typically install personalized brass nameplates on the rear of a chair’s crown (headboard).  Normally, these brass nameplates (brass plaques) are centered on the rear of the crown (or headboard) of the chair.  Some clients have requested the brass plaques off-center and some have requested multiple engraved brass plaques.   On other chairs like our personalized captain’s chair, clients have requested brass plaques or silver nameplates in other positions on their chairs.  We are very flexible and will place the brass plaque as requested by our clients.  Chairs are most often created in a size of 2 inches by 4 inches, but we will make your brass plaques or silver nameplates in a size that is most appropriate for the text that each clients requests.

If you would imagine a text on a personalized nameplate measuring 2” x 4” or 3” x 4”, plan for a message of a size that would be legible on such a plate.   We simply ask clients to be reasonable in their expectations for a message on the personalized brass nameplate.   Usually, 3-4 lines of text is a good choice.   It always pays to keep things simple.  Too many crowded characters and lines may render the personalized nameplate illegible.

Every full-size chair of Alumni Chairs is identified by a company plate and a product plate under the seat.   See our Construction page for more information.


Miniature Chairs

We reserve an area at the front of each base of our miniature college chairs for the installation of metal personalized nameplates to commemorate a recipient or a special event.  The size of the plaque is somewhat smaller than those on full-size chairs – generally around 3.5 inches by 1 inch, but we are flexible regarding size of personalized plaques.   On personalized plates of miniature chairs, it is always best to keep the text brief.

Each miniature chair bears a small company plate under the chair’s base or under both the base and the seat, depending on whether the client has requested the chair to be fixed permanently to the chair’s base or for the chair to be free and detached from the base.   Although most clients prefer the chair to be free, some clients wish for the chair and base to be permanently attached as one unit.   View an image of our miniature company plate on our College Chairs in 25 Styles page.  You may wish to discuss the difference by phoning us at 866.784-2230.

“The brass plaque on our chair really personalized our chair.”


We typically print your text on the personalized plate in black font.  We can also include a logo, if we deem the logo to be suitable (depending the level of detail).  Sometimes the addition of logos is dependent on available space on the plaque.    Any Microsoft Windows font is possible.  We always ask our clients to create their desired text in their preferred font.  That enables us to transfer their text directly to their brass nameplate or silver nameplate exactly as our clients have requested.

Be sure to make your preferences known.  We have flexibility to vary your plate material, content, and presentation.  Our objective is to make personalized plates that meet your objectives and please your honoree.

Before deciding on a personalized nameplate for your college chair or designing that plate, please phone us at 866-748-2230 or click on the “INQUIRE” button that will appear on the pertinent product page.   We wish to discuss with you the various options that are available to you regarding college chair nameplates.   


Create your text in a PDF file and we will transfer it to your brass nameplate exactly.