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Although alumni and friends of colleges and universities are the most prolific users of college chairs, many other affinity groups benefit from fine hardwood chairs bearing logos representing their entity.  These groups include hospitals, associations, trade organizations, retired-military organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations, in addition to development and advancement offices of academic institutions.

Our chairs are excellent choices for retirement gifts and appreciation awards for your nonprofit.   These chairs are perfect presentations to both donors and recipients of academic chairs and endowed chairs for your organization.  We actively support universities’ annual  programs of such presentations.  Each chair can display university logos, seals, and word marks.  These chairs are made of the finest materials and we take great care to make the university, the college, and the honorees very proud.

Generally, these award chairs can be provided to organizations and individuals at reduced prices.  Whereas college chairs which are sold to alumni and friends are most often subject to royalty and administrative fees imposed by school administrations, award chairs and recognition chairs provided to nonprofits institutions for gifts and internal use normally require not additional fees.   Many nonprofits award employee recognition chairs and employee appreciation chairs to distinguished employees.  Depending on the organization being represented, there may be no royalty expense per chair, thus reducing the chair price significantly.

We produce both full-size and miniature chairs for university advancement, development, philanthropy, and alumni offices.  Some universities have approached us in search of miniature college chairs to facilitate stewardship.  Because they may know donors and prospective donors whose contributions may not justify the expense of a full-size award chair or the donors may prefer less valuable gifts, these offices have decided to make available small replica chairs, miniature recognition chairs, and miniature award chairs that can be displayed on desks and shelves in homes and offices.  Also, many individuals of high net worth may not wish to receive full-size chair or they may prefer that their favorite charity conserve donor dollars and avoid premium items such as full-size chairs, preferring that their charity be a conservative steward of donor funds.   If your organization wishes to recognize donors or recipients of academic chairs or endowed chairs, we have something special – great chairs for your nonprofit.

For more information about chairs for your origanization for retirements, awards, stewardship, and donor relations, email us at or call 866.748.2230.



Elegant Gifts of Appreciation for Principal Supporters

Note:   Some of the prices that appear for colleges under the “Institutions” tab (above) include Royalty Fees and Administrative Fees which raise the price of each chair for the end user.  However, not every institution requires these additional fees.  Most non-profits and many colleges and universities also waive these fees.  In order to determine appropriate pricing for chairs that will be used internally by or will be presented by your institution with no applicable royalty fees or administrative fees, we recommend that you refer to a particular page (please see below) on this website.  Chairs exempt from fees may be found in the following situations:
  • Awards for Achievements
  • Mementos and Gifts for Endowed Chairs and Academic Chairs
  • Employee Appreciation Programs considering years of service
  • Gifts to Principal Donors or Board Members
  • Visiting Dignitaries
  • Other Presentations that are exempt from royalties and administrative fees
If there will be no licensed logos, no royalties, and no other fees associated with the purchase of our chairs, please go to “Most Institutions & Prices” to find approximate pricing.  Clearly, you may also seek an institutional logo, but this page will provide prices that exclude substantial royalty and administrative fees.  The logo that you would install in your chairs would likely require a charge for its preparation and installation.
If royalty fees or administrative fees will be charged, please go to a page of another institution with a typical twelve percent (12%) royalty and a broad array of chairs (perhaps that of Ohio State, Dartmouth, or West Point), and find an approximate pricing there.  When you speak with us, we can confirm pricing for your chairs.