The Chairs of Xavier University



Go, Musketeers!




Until recently, Xavier chairs had looked identical to chairs of every school in the nation.  Now, Alumni and Friends of Xavier University can demonstrate their loyalty to their Alma Mater and their favorite school in their homes and offices with unique Xavier Chairs that are made in America.

Your new Xavier Chairs are Designed, Built, and Finished by our Craftsmen in Amish Country of Holmes County, Ohio and are available in several Traditional and Modern styles.  These are fine, hardwood chairs that will last for generations.

Xavier Chairs are perfect graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and retirement gifts.   Call 866.748.2230 for information.


Image: Justice Hall at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, by EEJCC, 4/19/2021, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license


“Our Alma Mater, Proud and Strong Old Xavier for Aye!”