ACMSC brown - right side
Brown Mission chair of quarter-sawn oak with black upholstery of college chairs
Front view of maple Laureate Chair with black upholstery
Brown mission swivel chair with black leather seat of college chairs
If you like our college chairs for comfort, style, price, or any reason but do not want to commemorate any particular institution, we have a solution for you.  Chairs with No Logos!

Any of our college chairs can be ordered without a particular academic or organizational identity (logo) .  Ten percent of our clients order college chairs without any reference to a school other institution.  They just like our chair styles, woods, finishes and upholstery.   These chairs may require 4-12 weeks for completion.

Without a school’s trademark, you can reduce the price of a chair because (1) we do not have to account for the additional cost of the administrative fees and royalty charges that often are calculated into the prices of college chairs and (2) there are fewer materials and less labor required.  By purchasing our “NoLo” chairs, you are buying fine Amish furniture at reduced pricing.

For more information about our college chairs with no logos, please call us at 866.748.2230.


Pricing of our Affinity Chairs with No Logos