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When you give to Dartmouth, you support a world-class institution that transforms students into adults who are ready to shape the world. More than half the undergraduate student body benefits from financial aid; your gift also supports excellence among the faculty and sustains athletics, the arts, and other elements of an outstanding student experience.

Alumni Chairs’ Amish chairs are superior Dartmouth Chairs, Dartmouth College Chairs, and Dartmouth Graduation Chairs.  Compare our Captain’s Chairs to the chairs of the Dartmouth Coop Chairs.  Our chairs utilize Solid Cherry Wood in Arms and Crowns (headboards), and we finish the entire chair.  You will find tha our Amish chairs have a much higher level of detail.

When you buy a Dartmouth graduation chair, not only are you acquiring a lasting and distinguished memento of your time at Dartmouth, but you are supporting your Alma Mater.  12% of each purchase goes to Dartmouth to support the current study body.   You are also purchasing a fine chair made 100% in the United States by American craftsmen.  Dartmouth Chairs made only in the USA.


Image:  Sherman Fairchild Sciences complex, Dartmouth College by Kane5187, 10/20/2007, CC0 License


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Hall at Dartmouth for Dartmouth College chairs
areal view of Hanover, New Hampshire for Dartmouth College Chairs
Interior of Library at Dartmouth College with Dartmth.  chairs