Dartmouth − Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC) Gold Vox Clamantis

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Dartmouth College − Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC) with Official, Vox Clamantis Shield Engraved in Gold.   This Maple Chair is finished in Black Lacquer or Cherry Stain and Semi-gloss clear coat but areas of your Black chair can be Stained in Cherry and with Brilliant Gold Hand-stripes on its turnings – unlike any other College Chair or Alumni Chair.  Light Natural Maple and Natural Walnut finishes are available if you contact us at 866.748.2230.

If you are considering a Dartmouth Captain’s Chair from any other company, we encourage you to look at both the other chair and our chair very closely.  Compare our solid wood seat and the structure under our seat.  Consider our level of detail, hand-painting, and overall finish of each, including our Brilliant Gold Dartmouth Engraved Shield that matches the gold of the hand-striping.  See how all of our hand-striping aligns perfectly when viewed from the front.  Consider our two fine, information plates mounted under our seat versus the common, paper stickers of other companies.

Our Traditional Captain’s Armchair is the best constructed Captain’s Armchair on the market.  Please compare carefully the structure of this wooden captains chair  with arms versus other chairs that you may find on the market.  The structure of the legs and stretchers (cross members between legs) is optimized for strength, durability, and many years of beauty and service.  With the addition of custom brass plates on the rear of your  chair, you can enjoy a personalized Captains Chair.

Our Captain’s Chair with arms and crown of solid cherry is unique in the industry.  The natural grain of cherry is far more attractive than chairs that have maple arms stained to merely look like cherry.  Finishes include Black Lacquer or any of the many Ohio Certified Stains.  Finishes are available along with choices of Gold Hand-striping, Silver Hand-striping, or No Hand-striping.  These chairs are absolutely superior in design, structure, and finish to any Captain’s Chairs with arms that you will find in college bookstores.   Our Amish captain’s armchair compares favorably to maple used in the Hitchcock college chair and every other captain’s chair on the market.

The prices include the Dartmouth “Vox Clamantis In Deserto” Logo in your choice of logo techniques.

If you have any questions about wood, structure, construction, finish, colors, shades, time, and shipping time, please click “INQUIRE”, below, and ask us to contact you.  These are custom chairs, and we want to make certain that we understand exactly what you want in a chair.  Please enable us to discuss the chair with you and clarify all aspects of the chair and the delivery process.  We are committed to meeting your expectations.


Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 24 x 36in

All Black Lacquer on Traditional Chair, All Cherry-Stained Maple Traditional Chair, Cherry Arms on Black Maple Traditional Chair, Cherry Crown & Arms on Black Tradnl. Maple Chair

Special Wood or Finish

Gold Hand-striping, No Handstriping

2 reviews for Dartmouth − Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC) Gold Vox Clamantis

  1. John Cunningham

    Our chair has arrived in great shape. It was well packaged with more metal clips on the box top than you could shake a stick at! I opened it to see the chair that also was wrapped up and cushioned in all of the right places. I decided to keep it in the box and just wrap it as a big Christmas gift. Thank you so much for your attention to every detail including the packaging. It was delivered when you said it would be and was being held by the Concierge at the front desk until their man could deliver it to our apartment. I went down right after your call and brought it back, myself. Thank you again for everything. I am sure our grandson will be thrilled to get it, this Christmas!
    Sincerely and appreciatively,

  2. Heidi Shepherd

    Thanks for the great service with our new college chair! We now have 4 different chairs from 4 different companies and your chair is by far the best college chair − both wood, logo engraving, and the most comfortable.

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