We are uniquely able to modify many of our 25 college chair models and create entirely new furniture objects to meet the needs of your family, institution, business, or other affinity group.  Amish Made in Ohio.
Design Your Custom College Chairs & University Chairs:
Features You May Request in Your Custom College Chairs, Custom Bench, Custom Rocking Chairs, Custom Made Benches, Custom Made Chairs.

We start with solid American hardwoods.  Our most popular wood is maple, but quarter-sawn white oak, red oak, cherry, ash, hickory, and walnut and other woods are available upon request.  Our wood is kiln-dried to 6% moisture at local sawmills to ensure durability and resist cracking and shrinkage in extreme climates.  We use no endangered woods and materials.


We will install logos and other images of your school or organization at a variety of locations on our custom made chairs with logo.   Images can include your school’s official college seal, college logo, and text.  Only Alumni Chairs can build your Colorful Images into our collegiate furniture through our TrueColor Logos process. Materials are wear-resistant and UV-resistant.  We can also install logos with other techniques including engraving, silk-screening, and metallic medallion inserts. TrueColor Logos enables us to put real color into our Classic College Logo Chairs; our process is more durable and more colorful than the other processes.  Custom logos can be developed at the expense of the customer as a one-time charge but subject to approval by the institution in question.

Multiple Logos

Some colleges, departments, professional schools, and organizations enjoy traditions of multiple logos and images that can be installed on a single chair.   We can install secondary logos on the rear of our chairs as you request, providing that the institution in question will approve that particular combination.   Our Affinity Traditional Deacon Benches (ATDB) can be embellished with up to four college seals, logos, or other insignia.


Alumni Chairs enjoys a great advantage of working with Amish builders and finishers who are committed to Ohio Certified Stains that ensure identical colors of furniture provided by multiple builders.   Our most popular finishes consist of either either multiple coats of “clear coat” over OCS Stains or our Traditional Black Lacquer.  With OCS Stains, we are able to provide university chairs and college chairs that match extremely closely the finishes of other Amish furniture produced throughout Ohio and neighboring states.


Our upholstery shop is one of the finest shops in Ohio Amish country and will ensure attractive, comfortable, and long-lasting seating.  We create firm cushions that are professionally covered with durable, high-quality fabrics that are our best match of your school colors according to the institution’s specific Pantone® and its PMS colors (from Pantone).  Specific PMS colors do not always enjoy a perfect match in fabrics, but we will find the closest possible match among leading fabric suppliers.  We search for the best match in a commercial quality to ensure the most durable product. Our fabrics are safe and low in emissions. Most fabrics are included at no extra cost.

Our leathers are available in numerous colors but not in as great a number of colors as our fabrics.  Leathers will require an additional charge.

Personalized Brass Plates

In addition to the logos that Alumni Chairs will install in your college or recognition chairs, we can further personalize your chairs by attaching brass plates that contain text that is meaningful to the customer.

The general rule is that each plate can hold up to approximately 30 characters in each of 1-4 lines on plates of size 1-2 inches tall and 3-4 inches wide.  The number of characters in your desired text is limited only by the space allowed.  Very extensive text may require special pricing.

Our most popular plates are shiny, gold, brass plates with black font.  Our most popular font is Copperplate Gothic font, but you may request the font of your preference.

In order to discuss Custom College Chairs, Custom Bench, Custom Rocking Chairs, Custom Made Benches, Custom Made Chairs, please phone us at 866.748.2230.

custom chairs with logo
Long Bench with no logo for college chairs