Black captains chair, an art deco office chair

Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228)

Rear of Brown Affinity Classic Alumni Chair with Mission Maple (OCS225) Stain

Mission Maple Stain (OCS 225)

Kenyon College Chair with Gold Logo on custom logo chairs

Black Lacquer

Allegheny College Chair in brown finish with gold Allegheny College seal; college chairs
Black captains chair and University of Colorado Chair with Gold Seal
Vermilion Yacht Club Logo on a black captains chair
Ohio State Classic Alumni Chair with OSU Athletic logo on black captains chair
SUNY Stonybrook classic alumni chair, a black captain's chair

Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228)

Rear of ACAC Mayo Clinic in Rich Tobacco Stain

Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228)

The Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC) is the Most Comfortable College Hardwood Chair available anywhere.   Amish Made in Ohio!

The design of the Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC) originated around the turn of the century around 1900. This art deco office chair is made in our small shop near Berlin, Ohio in the heart of Holmes County, located in one of the largest Amish communities in the United States.

The expertly sculpted back and arms and uniquely shaped seat are the keys to the extraordinary comfort of this art deco office chair.   Other college chairs cannot compare because they are made of straight turnings in the traditional Windsor style.   This is a difficult chair to build, and it requires extensive labor and skill to construct the continuous, flowing crown and arms that appear as one this hardwood chair.

One commercial furniture company builds a chair that is somewhat similar to our ACAC Chair.  However, the price of that chair is approximately three times that of our Classic Alumni Chair, and their chair is a factory chair and certainly not of Amish origin.   Throughout college chair history, the standard chair for collegiate market has been the black captains chair.  Our Classic Alumni Chair is far superior in construction and far more comfortable than any black captains chair.

Only our Affinity Classic Alumni Chairs are Amish Made and Made in America, entirely.  The ACAC is both a timeless masterpiece and a great bargain.  Customers have requested this college hardwood chair for their offices (with and without logos) simply because of this college chair’s extraordinary comfort.  The Affinity Classic Alumni Chair is a perfect donor award, graduation gift, and retirement gift.

Finish sample on a black captains chair

The standard finish for the Affinity Classic Alumni Chair is Black Lacquer on brown maple.


Stain Sample - Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228) as example of amish furniture finishes    For the graduate or honoree who deserves something special, elegant, unique, and truly sophisticated, this is the hardwood chair:   OCS 228 (Rich Tobacco) Stain on  brown maple.


Sample of Mission Maple Stain for a classic alumni chairAs an option, we can finish this classic alumni chair with a brighter, stunning OCS 225 (Mission Maple) stain


OCS 227 Rich Cherry on Brown Maple 2 Another popular option is OCS 227 (Rich Cherry) stain



Note:  In addition to these three finishes, we can finish this ACAC chair in any of the many Ohio Certified Stains.

This hardwood chair normally requires 3-8 weeks for completion, depending on features requested.

Alumni Chairs’ competitors do not finish their entire chairs.  They leave the underside of their chairs raw, rough, and unfinished.  Unlike other companies, Alumni Chairs, is committed to finish ALL surfaces of its chairs.  We create a beautiful finish under or chairs including under the seat and the arms.  Simply turn over our chairs and see the difference…and our brass company plates and personal signature.  Every chair is signed!

For more information about classic alumni chairs, black captains chairs, hardwood chairs, art deco office chairs, and modern captains chairs , please phone us at 866.748.2230.



Brown classic alumni chair as an art deco office chair


Mission Maple Stain (OCS 225)


“It is a piece of art, and made of such exquisite wood.  I understand it is hand made. It takes the breath away.”


Art deco chair office chair for Mayo Clinic in Rich Tobacco Stain

Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228)

The back of a black captains chair, an art deco office chair

Black Lacquer Finish

Dark brown classic alumni chair with gold logo, an art deco office chair

Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228)

Rear of a classic alumni chair of Mayo Clinic in Rich Tobacco Stain

Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228)


“Excellent workmanship and this design has a wider seat…than typical captain’s chairs.”




Shiny brass plate and signature under the seats of all of Alumni Chairs' college chairs

All Alumni Chairs are Identified and Signed