If you like Traditional Captain’s Chairs, you will love our Deacon’s Benches…the ONLY Traditional College Benches of multiple sizes on the market.

Good benches are hard to find.  Our Deacon’s Benches are impressive and can be customized and extended to great lengths!

The Affinity Traditional Deacon’s Bench (ATDB) wooden bench is a unique extension of our classic Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair and a great complement to the Traditional Captain’s Swivel Chair and Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair.  Our basic and most popular Deacon Bench is 35 inches tall and 48 inches wide.  These benches may be ordered in custom widths, but we offer them in 36-, 48-, and 60-inch widths.  If a client seeks extra reinforcement to support a large individual, we can install the additional, interior leg.

As all of our Traditional Chairs, the arms are constructed of solid cherry wood, and, when stained, the beautiful cherry grain is always .visible.  The bench’s crown  (headboard) is made of Brown Maple and can be finished in black or one of many Ohio Certified Stains.  If one wishes, we can finish the entire bench in a particular stain of your choice.  Deacon’s Benches are built and finished individually.  As on our other Traditional College Chairs, all turnings (spindles) are typically  highlighted by hand in brilliant, metallic gold or silver paint.  Some clients order deacon benches with no handstriping.   You have complete freedom to request the particular finish that you want for your wooden bench.

Our Traditional College Chairs are wooden benches made of solid, brown maple with solid cherry arms.  Our Affinity Traditional Deacon Benches are hardwood benches that are most often ordered in our elegant Black Lacquer finish, but they may be ordered in part or entirely in other popular, attractive stains.

Standard black fininsh for our deacon's wooden bench

The standard finish for the ATCC Chair is Black Lacquer on brown maple with cherry arms and crown.

For the the honoree who deserves something special, elegant, and unique, we offer several custom stains:

OCS 228 (Rich Tobacco) Stain


Mission Maple (OCS225) stain for wooden benches OCS 225 (Mission Maple) stain on brown maple


Sample finish OCS 225 Mission Maple on Cherry

OCS 225 (Mission Maple) stain on cherry


OCS 106 Seely on CherryOCS 104 (Seely) stain


OCS 106 (Acres) on Cherry

OCS 106 (Acres)  stain


Finish sample by Joe Miller Washington OCS 107

OCS 107 (Washington) stain on cherry


Asbury on Brown Maple wood

OCS 117 (Asbury) stain


OCS 100 (Natural) stain


This chair normally requires 8-12 weeks for completion.

We offer Deacon’s Benches in three widths:  36″, 48″, and 60″.   In the Deacon’s Benches of 60″ width, we will install two additional, interior legs for added support.  If a client seeks extra reinforcement to support a large individual, we can install the additional, interior leg. We can also modify the crown piece to satisfy the needs of particular institutions.  These modifications may affect costs and will require special quotes and additional shipping charges.

Learn more about our Traditional Deacon Benches, Hardwood Benches, Deacon’s Benches, and other great Amish benches by calling us at 866.748.2230.    Also, in order to discuss all three styles of of our Affinity Wooden Benches (ATDB, AMHB, ACCB) in multiple sizes, woods, and finishes, please phone us at the same number.


Pricing & Reviews of our Affinity Traditional Deacon’s Bench (ATDB)


Black St. Mary's University wooden bench
black deacons bench
Black Deacons Bench with Cherry Arms for Cardigan Mountain School
cherry hardwood bench
Wooden bench with multiple logos and cherry arms


“We received the bench and it was in perfect shape!   It is exactly what we were looking for – wonderful craftsmanship and quality.   I would recommend your products to anyone!   Thank you!”