The Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair (ATRC) is a stately, traditional rocking chair made in the American tradition reminiscent of old, English, Windsor chairs and old Hitchcock chairs.

The most carefully constructed rocker in this Traditional collegiate style.  Solid maple seat and solid cherry arms and crown (headboard).  Colorful Logos.  This is a very fine college chair!     Not your typical black rocking chair!

The Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair (ATRC) is a classic design and a fine complement to the Affinity Traditional Captains Chair and Affinity Traditional Bench. This Traditional Rocking Chair is 40″ tall.  Many colleges and universities promote similar rocking chairs because of the similarity to the popular captain’s chairs available on the market.  Our Traditional Rocking Chairs differ from our competitors by virtue of the fact that our chairs are built and finished individually by our Amish craftsmen in small shops in Northeastern Ohio while chairs of other chair companies are milled overseas, assembled, and finished in a production-line in the U.S.  As an alternative to the traditional style of college black rocker chairs on the market, Alumni Chairs offers the Affinity Mission Rocking Chair, a heavy, sturdy, chair which provides a firm, upholstered seat and back.  It is a uniquely comfortable chair that will outlast any of our  competitors’ black wooden rocking chairs.

Alumni Chairs’ competitors do not finish their entire chairs.  They leave the underside of their chairs raw, rough, and unfinished.  Unlike other companies, Alumni Chairs, is committed to finish ALL surfaces of its chairs.  We create a beautiful finish under or chairs including under the seat and the arms.  Simply turn over our chairs and see the difference…and our brass company plates and personal signature.  Every chair is signed!

Our ATRC Chair with arms and crown of solid cherry is unique in the industry.  The natural grain of cherry is far more attractive than chairs that have maple arms stained to merely look like cherry.  Finishes include Black Lacquer or any of the many Ohio Certified Stains.  Finishes are available along with choices of Gold Hand-striping,  Silver Hand-striping, or No Hand-striping.  These chairs are absolutely superior in design, structure, and finish to any Captain’s Chairs with arms that you will find in college bookstores.   Our Amish captain’s armchair compares favorably to maple the Hitchcock college chair and every other captain’s chair on the market.

Unless you request otherwise, your ATRC rocking chair is produced without a logo or college seal.  However, if you would like for your captain’s armchair to represent your college or university, we can install the desired image at an additional charge, providing we gain permission of your institution to be represented by your chair.

Note:  Customers who choose Arms, Crown, Arms & Crown, or an Entire Chair in any of these stains should be aware that the chair to be a custom chair.  We ask customers to be certain of their color choices.  Any changes to color after a chair has been completed is costly.  Although Alumni Chairs may be able to make those changes, requests to change colors after delivery can only be satisfied at the expense of the customer, including labor, materials, shipping, and any other appropriate expenses.  Therefore, we always encourage customers to be certain of their color choices before ordering and discuss colors with us before ordering stained chairs and chair parts.

This chair normally requires 16-20 weeks to produce and deliver.

For more information about traditional rocking chairs, black rocking chairs, black rocker chairs, black wooden rocking chairs, and rocking chairs that are black, please phone 866.748.2230.


Pricing & Reviews of our Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair (ATRC)

Traditional Rocking Chair with Ohio state logo for, a black rocking chair
Traditional rocking chair in cherry finish