Our Miniature Logos are made exclusively for our Miniature College Chairs.  These miniature logos are exact replicas of the full-size logos and seals that we would install in our Full-size College Chairs.  We are able to make Miniature College Chairs that are Exact Replicas of our full-size chairs.  However, the logo techniques for full-size university chairs are not necessarily the same, technically.  Some of our clients have ordered both miniature and full-size chairs for the same honored recipient – one large chair for the home and one chair for presentation at a special event.   It is not uncommon for nonprofits to give large chairs to the the recipient of an “endowed” chair and a miniature replica of the same full-size chair to the principal donors who funded the endowed chair.

“The miniature seal is an exact replica of the official university seal.   Well done!”

We build Miniature Alumni Chairs that are exact replicas of two styles our full-size college chairs:

  • Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC) and
  • Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC)

We embellish these mini chairs with miniature college and university logos in our popular colors Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, or a colorful custom logo.

Before you order a Miniature College Chair, carefully consider the specific institutional logo, university seal, college seal, or other art that you wish to install in the front of the crown of your Miniature Alumni Chair.

We consider logos and seals for other schools, institutions, and business as “special”.   We can create special logos and seals providing we obtain permission by the institution of interest, and we will require a charge for preparing the logo for installation in your miniature college chair.  We rely on our clients to gain permission and to obtain the necessary art in the proper format.  We often help our clients to gain permissions and obtain the logo art, but we ask for our clients’ involvement.  There are 2,500 four-year colleges and universities, and it is not possible for us to maintain licensure or possess art for all schools.  However, it is very likely that we will be approved by your institution upon request.  Special miniature logos are created at the client’s expense.  Please call us for an estimate.

Depending on our relationship and the client’s relationship to the institution and our permission to the institution’s logo or seal (see Trademarks), royalty charges may be required based on the value of the orders (less shipping expenses).  Royalties normally range from 0% to 18% with 12% being the most common rate.   Royalty fees that are assessed to Alumni Chairs will be added to the client invoice.  If you seek a chair for internal use by the institution, royalty fees may be unnecessary.

We offer many options, logos, various sizes, multiple materials which can complicate the order process of miniature collegiate chairs.  The difficulty of finishing miniature college chairs and the tiny size and fragility of miniature logos can make the process challenging.  As you can imagine, a tiny logo 9mm – 14mm in height and containing fine lines and minute components can be quite challenging.  Therefore, we need to see your intended logo or seal before we can agree to install that image.

We ask for ample time to produce your mini chairs.  Institutions often request a miniature on a very short timeline.  Tight deadlines can be problematic, and we ask institutions to plan well ahead of their important presentation or special event.  We normally require 6-8 weeks to create Miniature Chairs, their Miniature Logo Art, and their Bases, but we will make our best efforts to meet your deadlines.

We believe in keeping logos simple and successful.   One can pursue detailed and colorful logos and university seals, but they are more expensive and more difficult.  Some colors are difficult to match.  So, we always recommend that our clients keep things simple.  Logos and seals of gold or silver logos are the most popular, and these colors are affordable and easier to install.

Our miniature logos are somewhat a one-time charge, and a single batch (quantity of 25-50 logos) of these images can be used on multiple mini chairs, given the proper permissions.  Although these logos can be used on subsequent mini-chair orders, these images can be perishable before installation and may expire within 3-9 months.  Please ask us about the longevity and perishability of these special logos (before installation, only) in order to ensure your success and satisfaction.

Please be aware that the special images that we create for your Miniature College Chairs are priced separately from the Miniature College Chairs.  Special images will appear as separate items on our invoices.

Prices that this page provides (below) are estimates only.  The prices of multiple-color university logos can be a bit higher.  Logos utilizing Pantone™ (or PMS) colors may cost approximately 50 percent more.   Therefore, we willl need to provide a quote for the art of your university logo or university seal.

Remember to go to Miniature College Chairs to choose the Mini College Chair for which you are selecting a logo.

Before you order a Miniature College Chair or consider Miniature Logos, Custom Chairs with Logos, College Chairs with Logos, University Seals, or College Seals, please phone us at 866-748-2230 or click on the “CONTACT US TO PLACE ORDER” button below, and we will discuss the various options with you, explain our terms for miniatures, provide specific prices, and estimate a delivery date.


Our Logo Techniques for Miniature Logos are applicable to both Full-size and Miniature Chairs.