Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair (ATRC)

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This Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair (ATRC) is the finest college rocking chair of its genre.  This traditional rocking chair is made of Maple.  It is available in Black Lacquer with these options:  all Black, Black with Cherry Arms, Black with Cherry Arms & Crown.  Also, and the entire chair is available in Cherry Stain, Walnut Stain, or Natural Maple Stain – with or without hand-striping.  Hand-striping can be Gold or Silver depending on the overall finish and optional stains chosen.  There is no logo or seal on this chair.  The most comfortable, most well constructed traditional rocking chair.

If you have any questions about wood, finish, colors, shades, construction time, and shipping time, please click “INQUIRE”, below, and ask us to contact you.  These are custom chairs, and we want to make certain that we understand exactly what you want in a chair.  Please enable us to discuss the chair with you and clarify all aspects of the chair and the delivery process.

This is a large chair, and special arrangements may be necessary.   Standard shipping prices on such a large chair via FedEx are considerable.  Ask us about our alternative delivery service.   We want to make sure that we meet your expectations.     Please INQUIRE.

Seat Height: 15 ½” tall, approximately*; Depth of Seat: 17” from front to the turnings; Width (inside) from arm to arm: 18”; Height of Arms from Seat: 11”; Height of arms from Floor: 26”, approximately*; Total Height of Chair: 41”, approximately*; Packaged dimensions: 43 x 27 x 31.
* Because this is a rocking chair, height measurements are approximate.

Unlike competitors’ chairs, there is NO ASSEMBLY necessary.  Our chair is a complete, finely  finished, well-constructed rocking chair.


Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 43 x 27 x 31in

All Black Lacquer on Traditional Chair, All Cherry-Stained Maple Traditional Chair, All Natural Maple Stained Maple Traditional Chair, All Walnut-Stained Maple Traditional Chair, Cherry Arms on Black Maple Traditional Chair, Cherry Crown & Arms on Black Tradnl. Maple Chair, Walnut Arms & Crown on Black Lacquer Maple Traditional Chair, Walnut Arms on Black Lacquer Maple Traditional Chair

Special Wood or Finish

Gold Hand-striping, No Handstriping, Silver Hand-striping

5 reviews for Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair (ATRC)

  1. Rebecca Linger, Ph.D., Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Charleston in West Virginia

    We ordered a rocking chair for one of our retiring faculty. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding. The engraved school logo was perfect! Great job!

  2. John M Cavanaugh, MD, PE

    Thanks very much for getting Dr. King’s chair delivered last Saturday morning! We presented the chair to Dr. King at the end of his retirement celebration that evening and showed the chair photos and plaque wording on the projector at the same time. Dr. King then sat in the chair with photos taken next to the podium. It turned out to be a perfect way to end the program.

    Getting the chair in time was definitely a big plus. You could tell Dr. King was pleased to try out his chair at the end of the program.

  3. Maisy Cottingham

    Thanks!! I am so sorry I never sent a photo – we had our baby right around the time the chair was delivered and it’s been a whirlwind since! The rocking chair is beautiful and has already been put to great use! Hope all is well and that your 2019 is off to a great start!

    Best, Maisy

  4. R. M. Chapman, MD

    Alumni Chairs often went beyond our expectations by contacting Lipscomb University and working with the legal team there. They would always forward the information to me. Very Professional and friendly in his dealings with me. The recipients of the rocking chair were very happy with the product. Thanks!

  5. Whayne Herriford

    We ordered the Affinity Traditional Rocking Chair customized with our organizational logo for our first retiring employee. I worked with Alumni Chairs on the design and manufacture of it, and it met and exceeded my expectations. Despite the 1,000 miles or so distance (we’re in Cincinnati), it arrived in time for the presentation to our employee. She was delighted with it and just sent me a note telling me it’s in her living room and it serves as a daily reminder of her time with us and the great send-off. We’re small and I’m not sure when we’ll have another person retire, but I’m sure we’ll order another chair!

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