Ohio State

The Chairs of The Ohio State University


Go, Bucks!


Before Alumni Chairs, all Ohio State chairs had looked identical to chairs of every other school…including That School Up North.

Now, Alumni and Friends of  Ohio State can Commemorate a Graduation or Demonstrate Loyalty to their Alma Mater and their favorite school in their homes and offices with a handsome Ohio State Chair that is made in America.  The Ohio State Chair is NOT milled overseas and assembled in the U.S. like other chairs but actually built with care by our Amish Craftsmen in Ohio…and our Traditional Chairs are made by skilled craftsmen in North Carolina.

Your Ohio State Alumni Chairs are Designed, Built, Upholstered, and Finished by our traditional craftsmen in Holmes County, Ohio, and North Carolina and are available in Five Modern Styles and Four Traditional Styles.   These are fine, hardwood chairs that will last for generations…and they are very comfortable.  Our OSU Logos are true Scarlet and Grey.  No other college chairs compare!


“Our Honor Defend, So We’ll Fight To The End For Ohio!”


Your Ohio State Chairs can also reflect your love for The Ohio State University Marching Band.  You can make a Marching Band Chair with a a bold “Script Ohio” logo on the front or rear of the crown, another logo on the front or rear, and an engraved brass plate on the rear.   We have great flexibility in the design of our Ohio State chairs.  However, in order to get creative beyond the chairs that you see on this Ohio State Chair web page, please phone us at 800.748.2230.   We are eager to help you make the perfect Ohio State chair.