Mini Classic Alumni Chair 6″ (Mini-Chair-ACAC-6in) Black with Base

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This six-inch (6″ tall) Miniature Chair is an exact replica of our Affinity Classic Alumni Chair (ACAC) with your preferred logo in our popular colors Satin Silver or Satin Gold or a colorful custom logo.

Logos representing the following institutions may be available at no additional cost:   Dartmouth, Ohio State, Tuck, West Point, Xavier, and others.

Logos and Seals for other schools must be permitted by the institution of interest and will require a charge for preparing the logo for installation in your miniature chair.  We will rely on our clients to gain permission and to obtain the necessary art in the proper format.  We will definitely help you gain permissions and obtain the logo art, but we will need your involvement.   Please be aware that there are 2,500 four-year colleges and universities, and it is not possible for us to be licensed with them all.  However, it is very likely that we will be approved by your institution upon request.   Custom miniature logos are created at the client’s expense.  Please call us for an estimate.

Our miniature bases are made of Brown Maple Wood or Cherry Wood in Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS228, an Ohio Certified Stain), Granite, New Hampshire Granite, Marble, or a custom base in another base material and or a custom wood-stain color.  These Mini Chairs are great gifts for friends, special employees, principal donors, and other honorees.  Please select the Chair, Size, and Base Material (Cherry or Granite) below to determine pricing.  If you do not wish to price a Base and you seek a Chair only, please select “NO Base” and “NO Material” in the two fields for Chair Base and Base Material, respectively.

Institutions often request a miniature on a very short timeline.   Tight deadlines can be problematic, and we ask institutions to plan well ahead of their important presentation or special event.

Depending on our relationship to your institution and our permission to your institution’s logo or seal (its trademarks), there may be a royalty charged to you based on the value of the orders (less shipping expenses).  Royalties normally range from 0% to 15%.  If you seek a chair for internal use by the institution, royalty fees will most likely be unnecessary.  We seek 6-8 weeks to create some beautiful mini chairs their bases.

You have a choice of chairs attached to the base or unattached. Unattached chairs are our most popular, but some institutions prefer the chair attached to the base with adhesive for one, solid unit. If you do not specify, our default option is unattached.

There are many options, logos, various sizes, multiple materials which make orders of miniature chairs quite complex.  The difficulty of finishing miniature chairs and the tiny size and fragility of miniature logos make the process challenging.  As you can imagine, a tiny logo 14mm in height and containing fine lines and minute components can be quite challenging.   …but we can make them.  Therefore, we ask for ample time to produce your mini chairs.  Institutions often request a miniature on a very short timeline.   Tight deadlines can be problematic, and we ask institutions to plan well ahead of their important presentation or special event.

In advance of any order of a miniature chair, please phone us at 866.748.2230 or click on the “CONTACT US TO PLACE ORDER” button below, and we will discuss the various options with you, explain our terms for miniatures, provide specific prices, and estimate a delivery date.   

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4.2 x 4.2 x 6in
Miniature Base

6.5″ x 6.5″ Base, 6" Chair, No Base with chair

Base Material

Brown Maple Base with Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS228), Cherry Base with Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS228), Granite – New Hampshire – Black & White, Granite Base, Marble Base- White, No Base Material (No Base) with Chair

1 review for Mini Classic Alumni Chair 6″ (Mini-Chair-ACAC-6in) Black with Base

  1. Suzanne Un, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

    They look beautiful! Thank you.

    I appreciate all of your work on that project!

    Hopefully more to come in the future!


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