Affinity Berlin Comback Side Chair (ABCSC-BS)


A modern interpretation of traditional Windsor chairs.  Our Comback Chair is made with legs and spindles made of Ash Wood, a very hard hardwood which is perfect for legs.  The seat and the back can be made of your choice of Rustic Cherry, Rustic Walnut, or Brown Maple. “Rustic” wood is that which has knots and other features that give the chair a rustic, more interesting look.  It’s a simple but elegant chair.

Although the Wood and Stain combination pictured in the primary image (above or left) is Rustic Walnut & Ash with Seely Stain (OCS104) and several other combinations are also illustrated on this page, we can prepare this chair in any combintaion of the 25 Ohio Certified Stains that we offer.   We recommend this combination which preserves both the lighter hue of Ash and the darker brown nature of Walnut, the choice of woods and wood stains (colors) is yours.

We also make a modern Comback Bench in a similar style that you may find attractive.    The bench would provide fine companion seating along with ABCSC-BS side chairs.

If you would wish to have a college logo, seal, or other image installed in the Crown, we can do so at an additional cost.   Please be aware that the crown (headboard) of this chair is slender and, therefore, we have only (2.0) inches of vertical space on to which we may install a logo.   It is most desirable to choose a logo that has a horizontal orientation to ensure that all elements of the logo are visible and legible.  It is certainly possible to install a vertically-oriented logo and/or wordmark in this limited vertical space, but we would be required to make the image significantly smaller in order to fit into two inches of useable, vertical space.

We are confident that you will love this chair.  Please call us at 866-748-2230 to discuss all considerations.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 17.5 x 31in
Special Wood or Finish

Ash Spindles & Legs


Brown Maple with Dark, Rich-Tobacco Stain (OCS 228), Rustic Cherry, Rustic Cherry with Seely Stain (OCS 104), Rustic Cherry with Washington Cherry Stain (OCS 107), Rustic Walnut with Asbury Stain (OCS 117), Rustic Walnut with Seely Stain (OCS 104)


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