Affinity Traditional Bow Side Chair with 7 Spindles (ATBSC7-SS)


Our Affinity Traditional Bow Chairs are skillfully handmade chairs from Holmes County in Northeastern Ohio.   Our woods are harvested in Ohio.  You have a choice of woods, finishes, chair arms, and chair legs.  Whereas many companies boast “Amish” bow chairs, many make their chairs over seas.   All of our products are made entirely in the United State of American materials, craftsmanship, and labor.  Our chairs are constructed of solid wood and finished with a high level of detail.with a high level of detail.Woods.  Finishes include Brown Maple, White Maple, and Red Oak.

Our Bow Chairs are available in Seven and Nine Spindles.  Bases and legs can be either more ornate. with turnings.or with a smooth, plain undercarriage.  Smooth arms are optional versus no arms, making the chair a “side” chair.  If you seek an All-American Bow Chair, this and the 9-Spindle Chair are the chairs!

Of all of our chairs, this chair is the most limited regarding our ability to install a Personalized Nameplate.  The logical place to attach a nameplate is on the rear and top of the bow back.   The bow is a long, bent, square piece of wood.   It measures 1-1/16″ square.   That means that a nameplate would need to be diminutive 1″ tall, maximum.   The next place to consider a nameplate would be at the rear of the seat where the seat is 1-1/4″ high.  Again, the plate can be only 1″ tall at that location on the chair.   If you are interested in a nameplate, let’s discuss it at (866) 748-2230.

If you have any questions about wood, finish, logo, colors, shades, personalized nameplates, construction time, and shipping time, please click “INQUIRE”, below, and ask us to contact you.  These are custom college benches, and we want to make certain that we understand exactly what you want in a college chair.  Please enable us to discuss the Bench with you and clarify all aspects of the bench and the delivery process.

We normally ship this chair via FedEx Ground.   We recommend that you consider our alternative delivery service that will be less expensive but not quite as speedy as FedEx.  We want to make sure that we meet your expectations.  Please INQUIRE.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 x 18 x 37.25in
Special Legs

Legs – Plain – Bow Back Chair, Legs – Turned – Bow Back Chair

Special Arms

Arms for Bow Back Chair, No Arms on Chair


Brown Maple with Dark, Rich-Tobacco Stain (OCS 228), Red Oak with Natural Finish (OCS 101), White Maple with light, natural Maple stain (OCS101)


    Please ask us about this product before you purchase. It is important that we explain the basics, options, features, choices, terms, and projected delivery dates to ensure that we meet your expectations. Thank you!