Affinity Charm Stool 30” (ACS30-DS)


This is a simple but elegant Amish stool that can find a place in any room of our home or office.  Great for the kitchen, too!  It is available in two heights: 24 inches and 30 inches.  This unique stool can be constructed in maple, cherry, oak, and hickory with some beautiful finishes.  This stool has a comfortable seat, and it can sport the logo of your favorite school!

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Brown Maple with Dark, Rich-Tobacco Stain (OCS 228), Cherry with Seely stain (OCS 104), Cherry with Washington Cherry stain (OCS 107), Hickory with Boston stain (OCS 111), Red Oak with Michael's Stain (OCS 113), Red Oak with Natural Finish (OCS 101)


    Please ask us about this product before you purchase. It is important that we explain the basics, options, features, choices, terms, and projected delivery dates to ensure that we meet your expectations. Thank you!