Texas A&M University − Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC) – Official Seal in Gold


Texas A&M University – Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair (ATCC) with the Official Seal in Gold.  This Chair with Solid Cherry Arms and Crown is finished in a choice of (1) All Black or (2) Black with Arms or Arms & Crown finished in natural Washington Cherry Stain (OCS 107) with a semi-gloss clear coat.

You may also order this chair in Mission Maple Stain (OCS 225) for a beautiful red-brown finish on the maple chair and slightly darker cherry wood of the arms and crown for an entirely unique Captain’s Chair.  Also very popular is dark brown Rich Tobacco Stain (OCS 228).

If you are considering an Ohio State Captain’s Chair from any other company, we encourage you to look at and compare our chairs to all other college chairs very closely.  Compare the Solid Cherry Arms and Crown, the solid wood seat, and the structure under our seat.  Consider our level of detail, hand-painting, and overall finish of each, including the Bright Silver or Brilliant Gold hand-striping on the turnings.  See how all of our hand-striping aligns perfectly when viewed from the front.  Consider our fine information plates mounted under the seat versus the common, paper stickers of other companies.  Consider our superior quality and level of detail of an Ohio State Chair that is made in Ohio.  Made Only in the USA!

If you have any questions about wood, finish, colors, shades, construction time, and shipping time, please click “INQUIRE”, below, and ask us to contact you.  These are custom chairs, and we want to make certain that we understand exactly what you want in a chair.  Please enable us to discuss the chair with you and clarify all aspects of the chair and the delivery process.  We are committed to meeting your expectations.

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 24 x 36in

Arms & Crown, Natural Solid Cherry, Arms, Natural Solid Cherry, Brown Maple with Mission Maple Stain (OCS 225), All Black Lacquer on Traditional Chair

Special Wood or Finish

Gold Hand-striping, No Handstriping, Silver Hand-striping


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