Dartmouth − Affinity Trad. Deacon’s Bench 48″ (ATDB-N) Gld Vox Clam.


Dartmouth College − Affinity Traditional Deacon’s Bench (ATDB) with the traditional  Vox Clamantis Crest Shield in Gold.  Our Deacon’s Bench is 48″ long, but otherwise is very similar to our Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair.  This bench is available in wider dimensions as custom orders; longer benches may require center legs for additional support.  You may order with Cherry-stained Arms, Cherry-stained Arms & Crown, or the entire maple Bench in Cherry stain.  Other arms and crowns are available in Walnut and Natural Maple via special order.  Just call us at 866.748.2230.

Whereas Dartmouth logos on an Affinity Traditional Captain’s Chair can be either installed via engraving or our TrueColor Logos™ processes, the Shield on the Deacon’s Bench must be installed via our TrueColor Logos™ processes..

If you have any questions about the dimensions, size wood, finish, logo, colors, shades, construction time, and shipping time, please click “INQUIRE”, below, and ask us to contact you.  These are custom chairs, and we want to make certain that we understand exactly what you want in a chair.

There are some considerable restrictions regarding the shipment of this bench.  It is large, and special accommodations must be made.    Standard shipping prices on such a large chair via FedEx are considerable. Ask us about our alternative delivery service that will be less expensive but not quite as speedy as FedEx.

Please enable us to discuss the chair with you and clarify all aspects of the chair and the delivery process. We want to make sure that we meet your expectations.  Please INQUIRE below.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 43 x 36in

All Black Lacquer on Traditional Chair, All Cherry-Stained Maple Traditional Chair, Cherry Arms on Black Maple Traditional Chair, Cherry Crown & Arms on Black Tradnl. Maple Chair

Special Wood or Finish

Custom Request, Gold Hand-striping, No Handstriping, Silver Hand-striping


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    Please ask us about this product before you purchase. It is important that we explain the basics, options, features, choices, terms, and projected delivery dates to ensure that we meet your expectations. Thank you!