Alumni Chairs is officially licensed to produce college chairs and recognition chairs that represent colleges and universities and to install official trademarks (logos and images) that are the intellectual property of these institutions.

Alumni Chairs makes multiple Traditional and Classic styles of graduation chairs and insignia chairs that are available to alumni and friends of these institutions.  A minimum of one style of logo is authorized by each institution to be installed in our college and graduation chairs.

Relationships with other leading institutions are currently under development.  If we do not, yet, serve your favorite institution, organization, or business with recognition chairs, we hope to do so, soon.  Please call us, contact your institution, and request that Alumni Chairs will be made available to Alumni, Members, and Friends.

Click on each institution name below to learn more about the college chairs, graduation chairs, and recognition chairs that we provide for each institution.

If you do not see your alma mater listed below, be assured that we hope to do so, soon.  Please understand that, of the approximately 2,400 four-year colleges and universities, we are are licensed by only a small subset of those institutions.  However, we often build chairs representing other institutions at the request of graduates and their families with the special permission granted by those institutions.  We are not limited to those schools listed above.  

Please call us, contact your institution, and request that Alumni Chairs’ recognition chairs will be made available to all Alumni, Members, Employees, Friends,and other Honorees of your college or university.