How To Order

How to Order Your Chairs

To order specific College Chairs immediately, there are specific schools listed on the “INSTITUTIONS” page the chairs of which are available with exact pricing. You may go there and order your chairs, now.    To learn general pricing of our chairs for other institutions, click on the first item in the sub-menu entitled “MOST INSTITUTIONS & PRICES” which will yield pricing for chairs of institutions that do not involve any royalty fees or chairs with no logos.  For definitive information about pricing of chairs for these other institutions, please phone us at 866.748.2230 to discuss.

To see ALL chairs and prices, click on “SHOP“, the second entry in our primary menu at the top of the page or click on the bold, red button that reads “SHOP & ORDER YOUR CHAIR“.  On the Shop page, you can use the search functions to find any chair that we offer in addition to lots of good information.   From any of the chair pages that find here, you can make your orders.

If you have questions, please see our “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS“.


Before you simply order on-line, pay, and have the chair shipped, consider this:     We offer many options with each chair.  In order to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied that they will receive the exact chair with the exact features that they want, we strongly recommend that you talk to us.  Our chairs are complex products, they are expensive to ship, and our chairs offer many variations of wood, stain, fabric, leather, hand-striping, two-tone finishes, multiple woods, multiple logo techniques, multi-colored or monochrome logos and seals, personalized plates, and multiple shipping options.  So, PLEASE PHONE US to discuss all the options available to you before you commit to any particular chair or chair features.    Call us at 866.748.2230.


When you are ready to order chairs, there are two primary ways to do so.

(1)   Purchase through this website using the Cart and the Checkout functions. 

(a)  This works for ordering chairs representing any of the colleges and universities specifically listed under the menu choices on page INSTITUTIONS“. You may order directly from the page specializing in the school of your choice (Ohio State, Dartmouth, or another college).  When you find your college and the chair of your interest, hover over the chair’s image and click on the red circle with the “+” sign.  Then look down the page, read the description of the chair, and find the drop-down menus (one, two, or three drop-down arrows, depending on the chair model).  In the West Point AMRC example below, there are two choices:  “Finish-Wood” and Upholstery”.   Make your choices and see your price change below.

(b)  This also works for ORDERING CHAIRS WITHOUT LOGOS…and we have many.   If you want a chair with no logos (to be found on the “MOST INSTITUTIONS & PRICES” page), you may order directly from the page.  When you scroll down the page and find your chair of interest, hover over the chair’s image and click on the red or blue circle with the “+” sign.   Then, look down the page, read the description of the chair, and find the the drop-down menus (one, two, or three drop-down arrows, depending on the chair model).  When you have made choices of options (features), you will see a price reflecting that chair with those options.  For the Affinity Mission Rocking Chair, for example, there are two choices:  “Finish-Wood” and “Upholstery”.   Make your choices and see your price change below.

In both cases, to the right of the updated price (in red), appear two buttons:  “ADD TO CART” and “INQUIRE”.   Before you click on “ADD TO CART”, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have.  The “INQUIRE” button will bring up a special form with which you can request information or ask us to contact you to discuss the details of your intended order.

There are many important features that we should discuss before you order a chair:  wood, finish, logos, personalization, pricing, time frame, shipping, delivery, and other matters.  So, please use the Inquire button.

(2)  Let us help you make your order.

To order chairs that represent other schools, nonprofits, businesses, colleges, and universities…or chairs with no royalties…or chairs with no logos, it will be best to work with us, directly.

Also, Miniature Chairs also require some special attention.  We will help you with that order process.

Before you call us, you can find the approximate price of your chairs, on your own.  Just click on the top “Institutions” tab (on main menu), and, then, click “MOST INSTITUTIONS & PRICES” (lower right corner of the menu under “INSTITUTIONS”), one can find pricing for chairs that involve no royalty fees – as is the case of most nonprofit organizations, businesses, schools, and many colleges and universities.  Be aware that, although you can obtain an approximate price, we may need to charge a royalty fee as required by certain colleges and universities.

If you do not want a logo on your chair, that approximate price will be fairly close to the final price, because there will be no royalty fees.

If you want a logo on your chair for a school that is not listed on our website, we will need to discuss the art with you, discuss permission from the institution, obtain the art, and inform you of any royalty fees that may apply.

Regardless, we will need to speak with you to make sure that you get exactly what you want and we work with the protected trademarks (logos) properly.

If you have any concerns or questions, phone us at 866.748.2230 and ask us to walk you through the menus and the order process.   We will make your purchase easier while helping you find your perfect chairs.


If you order through our website, before you add chairs to your shopping Cart with the “ADD TO CART” button, please see that the button for “INQUIRE” or “CONTACT US” (depending on the chair).   We encourage you to use one of these links (“INQUIRE” or “CONTACT US”) that will enable you to send an inquiry or comment to us.  We will respond as promptly as possible to provide information and answer all questions.



In the “CART” page, you may hold chairs that you wish to order or hold them there to purchase later.   You can easily change quantities or remove items from the Cart.


When you are satisfied with the contents of your Cart, you can click on “Proceed to Checkout” to make your purchase.



The “Checkout” page enables you to make your purchase in an organized, sequential manner.   You can enter your shipping address, billing address, and payment information in logical steps.


Within Checkout, you can choose your payment method:  Credit Card, Check, PayPal, or a PayPal Credit reusable credit line.

You need to check two boxes to confirm that you accept our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.   Before going to the Cart, you should also review:

Limited Warranty


Chair Care

You may pay via check, but your order will be placed on hold until the check clears your bank.  It is best to speak with us before you order with the “Check” payment method.



“My Account” in the upper right corner of each webpage links to My Dashboard, My Wishlist, and Login/Register.



“MY WISHLIST” enables you to “save” your favorite chairs for purchase or later reference.  To add a chair to your Wishlist, simply declare your favorites by clicking on the little heart-shaped icon on the product page of your intended chair.


To initially enter your Wishlist, you will need to Register and Login to the website through “MY ACCOUNT” in the upper right corner of any webpage.  While in your Wishlist, you may review the price range for your favorite item as well as choose “SELECT OPTIONS” which will return you to the original product page for that item.  Then, from that product page, you may purchase that chair by adding that item to the Cart and Proceeding to Checkout.  You may also delete items for your Wishlist.



Your “DASHBOARD” enables you to view current orders, review order status, update update your addresses and account details.  In order to access the dashboard, you will need to login.



This link in the upper right-hand corner of each screen will enable you to Register as a user, enter information, and change your user password.


As always, if you have a question, phone us at 866.748.2230 for help.